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Lomagnúpur is a 688 m high standberg that sprays south from Birn west of Núpsvatna on Skeiðarársandi. West of him stands the town of Núpsstaður. The magnificent environment of Núpsstaður and Lómagnúps is well known. The area extends from the sea to the black sands and all the way to Vatnajökull. Volcanic eruptions, glaciers and lakes have shaped the environment as well as creating diverse and unique geological formations.

In the late 18th century, a rock fillet ran from Lómagnúpi to the west and there is a clear signal about it by the highway. Sveins Pálsson's diary is in 1793; "This happened in the first part of the day of July, with such a quick glimpse of a girl who was carrying milk of a standard home to Núpstaður, heard a brest, a model of thunder, and already looked at the Gnup, but at first she could not detect anything for smoke. But she had not put down the milk clothes before, to check it further, but everything was about to go, and the walk lay out on the sand, as it is now, up to a mile from the mountain, in small pits with deep gaps between or stretches swallows, probably due to the pressure of concentrated air. "This progression followed a considerable amount of floods, and it probably broke out of the mountain. The rivers are still running. Recent signs are seen on the eastern sides of Lómagnúps, but in 1998 there was a mountain run. The southern coast of Iceland reached sea level at Lómagnúpi on ice age. The magnets are uniquely graceful and beautiful.


For fun, it can be said that Lómagnúps is mentioned in Njálssaga in a somewhat special role, as it occurs in the dream of Flosa Þórðarson in Svínafell, but Flosi was the starting point for the turn of Njáls Bergþórsson and his family. Flosa dreams that he is at town with Lómagnúp, he walks out and looks at the Gnúps. In the dream, the mountain and the jungle open the guitar skinned with iron sticks in the hand of a lane out of the mountain. He puts up the names of the men 25 who stand at the fire of Njal, so he puts the letter in the ground and goes back into the mountain. All the men mentioned by the giant are later killed in the story for revenge for burning Njál.

The jungle in Lómagnúpi adorns Iceland's coat of arms. He is one of Iceland's four-landers, and protects the southern coast from evil forces.


Magnets belong to the land of Núpsstaður, all of which are in the Nature Reserve.

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