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Búlandstindur is 1069 meters high basalt in the area and is believed to be about 8 million years old. Búlandstindur is generally considered to be among the most beautiful mountain in the country and some believe Chakra Búlandstindur is.

In about 700 m east of Buland Tindi goes mountain spur, Goðaborg, and said it was the men carry with them their gods immediately to Christianity in order to bring them out of fjallsgnípunni. Other sources say that: Goðaborg called hamrastallur way Buland Tindi. Ledge is northeast of the mountain above the mine and said wide and smooth top. Steep and difficult bait up there. Some say that water on her, was washed into the bowels of animals were sacrificed to the gods and peace.

Number of people make their way to the summit every year and it is expected that they would be even more if the markers. It is best to go by, the country that runs along the southern Búlandsá and completely into the inner part of the dam in the valley. Then go straight up the grassy slopes and scree within Stóruskriðugil toward the gap within Buland meeting. Then soon bump until the top of the summit is reached. At the peak is narrow and steep klettarimi views and well distributed. It is very important to take care not to go too far to the east, if anything, visibility or slippery, because the eastern mountain clean and hömrótt. Good GSM coverage in the meeting.

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