East Iceland

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The church of Berun is a wooden house, 7.09 m in length and 4.12 m wide, with a cathedral at the west side, 1.29 m long and 1.95 m wide. The church has a rooftop roof, she is all wearing a pair of sleeves and stands on a rocky platform. On each side of the church there are two mailboxes with three-door frames. For church doors there are double wing doors and a cross-section.

The front door is a door with winged doors. Inside of the gang and thorns on either side of the wall and chests of the wall. The coronary is in a cardigan behind the inner class and a pulpit in front of the south side. In the choir doors there are a number of crowns with tops. The walls are covered with a paneled panel. The upper part of the front church is sealed on pieces and level at the front of the north side. Across the church between the streets, there is a barrier open across the church.


Photo: Anton Stefánsson

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