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History of Selsvallar and Golf Club Flúðir started when a dentist from Garðabæ ordered Halldóri Guðnason, a farmer in Efra Seli, in golf at Keilisvelli in the spring of 1978. This prompted Halldór's interest in the sport, and he thought about building a golf course at Efra Seli.


In 1984, the adventure started really when a 6-hole golf course started in the area of ​​the Little Salmon River, as some of the golf courses of the stadium are still in progress. There were also a number of interested parties who participated in the establishment of Golf Club Flúði. An enormous volunteering took place as everyone joined one by creating an attractive and fun golf course. The whole environment was tidy and regular working days were more than golf days in those days. Planting was one of the main interests of clubmembers, and it can be clearly seen today, the trees at Selsvell are one of the main characteristics of the field. The first chairman of GF was Karl Gunnlaugsson, who chaired the chairman of the club until the Annual General Meeting in 2011 or for 25 years.


The first specialized golf machine was purchased in 1985 the same year as the club was founded.


In 1988 the golf bowl was ordained, and the girl at the farm, Ásta Guðný, took care of a restaurant there. For starters, coffee, sandwiches and cakes were offered. In 1990, the building was built and expanded by more than half due to increased attendance. There was a sale of light wine and beer and hot food for the various occasions. In 1996, a pizza oven was added and served delicious pizzas.


When cousins ​​were stopped at Efra Seli in 1997, it was discussed to add 9 holes, thus creating an 18-hole golf course. Construction work began in autumn 1999. Also, in 1999, forestry was started, both on the roads and in open areas around them. Since the beginning of Selsvallar, forestry has been an important part of the development and design of the field.


In December 2000, a new chapter began in the history of GF and Selsvallar when it began to transform the frog building in Efra Seli into a golf club. The old pavilion had simply become too small as the restaurant driver did not adequately accommodate other larger parties and also needed larger and more spacious accommodation, as the mall grew more with larger golf courses.


A new golf club was finally dedicated on June 16, 2001. A golf tournament was held with the accompanying banquet hall from morning to evening. On that same day, Selsvöllur was formally ordained as an 18-hole course. The reception of golfers and other visitors has been very positive and it is a great motivation for the defense.


In the spring of 2011, the hand crafted Forest Shack was opened next to the golf bowl, where various crafts can be found. Emphasis is placed on the material of Icelandic trees, which are both for sale and sale.

Image: Golfklúbburinn Flúðir

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